Pouya Afshar, MD, MBA
Prior to entering the field of medicine, Dr. Pouya Afshar worked in the healthcare industry, completed his MBA and transitioned into a role with a product development team at General Electric Healthcare. He decided to give up the corporate world and go back to medical school at the age of 31, and after completing his residency he became board certified in internal medicine, hospice/palliative medicine, and venous and lymphatic medicine. For 7 years he served as an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego and focused his practice as a hospital-based physician. In an effort to provide continuity of care for his patients, Dr. Afshar began following some of his medically complex, elderly patients into skilled nursing facilities, managing their care post- hospitalization while they received short-term rehabilitation. To complete the continuity of care, Dr. Afshar provided house calls for patients discharging home from skilled nursing facilities and it was this service that began the inspiration for Presidium Health.
As a pioneer in home-based care, Dr. Afshar founded Presidium Health in 2015 in an effort to provide a comprehensive model of care for ultra high-risk patients. Presidium Health patients are afforded 24-hour access to a medical triage line, including the ability to rapidly deploy diagnostic and treatment modalities, such as X-rays, labs, and medications, directly to patients at home, in a manner that is more efficient, safer, and less costly than the traditional emergency room. Beyond the clinical needs, Dr. Afshar and his team developed robust processes to efficiently address social determinants of health. His Presidium Health team is well equipped to handle behavioral health, substance abuse, and the basic necessities of food, housing, transportation, financial aid, and other services to address the whole person needs.
Outside of medicine, Dr. Afshar is a devoted husband and father of 4 children, an avid soccer player, former personal trainer, and completed 14 marathons, including two trips as a qualifying runner for the Boston Marathon.