Program Agenda: Day 2

Morning Check-In
7:00-7:30am (30 Minutes)
The Most Important Issues Facing Geriatrics; Dan Osterweil, MD, FACP, CMD
7:30-8:00am (30 Minutes)
Theory Burst: How to Run an Effective Meeting; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
8:00-8:30am (30 Minutes) 
Theory Burst: Priorities & Communication; Darin Buxbaum, MBA
8:50-10:30am (100 Minutes)
LMG Breakout Session II; Faculty Led Small Groups
1. Management of Risk (Shared Savings, ACO’s, Special Needs Plans, PACE);              Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD and Dan Osterweil, MD, FACP, CMD
2. Workflow Integration of Clinical Programs (e.g., Care Coordination, Quality --------   Improvement, Readmission Reduction); Kemi Reeves, RN, MSN, GNP and       ----      Dominic Lim, MPH
3. Program Development and Implementation Strategies Within Large                            Organizations; Darin Buxbaum, MBA
4. Leadership Team Development; Alfredo Czerwinski, MD
10:45-11:15am (30 Minutes) 
Group Discussion; Program Faculty
11:15-11:45am (30 Minutes)
Lunch Break: Networking Opportunity
11:45-12:30pm (45 Minutes)
Emotional Intelligence; Janice Hoffman-Simen, Pharm.D., EdD, APh, BCGP, FASCP
12:30-1:15pm (45 Minutes)
Making the Case for Value in Quality Improvement; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
1:15-1:35pm (20 Minutes) 
Post-Course Mentorship; Barbara Hulz
1:45-2:15pm (30 Minutes)
Theory Burst: Avoiding Burnout; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
2:15-3:00pm (45 Minutes) 
Capstone Session: Analysis and Application (Interactive); Alfredo Czerwinski, MD
3:00-3:15pm (15 Minutes) 
Closing Conversations: Pearls; Dan Osterweil, MD, FACP, CMD